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Mar 15, 2019

The Polter-Pals™ voted yet again, and it's another luck-less week for Ross & Matty, as their plans to celebrate this year's St. Paddy's Day (demon-free) are halted by having to watch the brand new "Leprechaun Returns" instead.

As they drudge through this mistake of a sequel, Ross seems to be a little TOO into the...

Mar 8, 2019

AND WE'RE BACK! After a 2 week hiatus, Matty found Ross tucked away in a dark corner of The Black Lodge definitely NOT crying over the recent passing of that Mars Rover or whatever, and helped him collect himself as they watched this week's movie, as CHOSEN again, by the PolterPals.

It's quite possibly the worst Netflix...

Feb 14, 2019

Another week, another episode chosen by YOU the PolterPals™!
With the Lodge Spirits firmly in control of the Twitter polls, "Stay Alive" was voted as this week's ep, oddly another "evil video game" film like last ep.
Ross & Matty crack open some jars of Matty's BH Sauce™ and review this very-mid-2000's video game...

Jan 31, 2019

It’s GAME OVER this week for Ross & Matty as The Black Lodge reaches a torturous level never before felt.

In a whacky turn of events, The Lodge spirits gained access to the @PolterguysPOD Twitter, allowing the first ever FAN VOTED episode, and with a little paranormal persuasion, the atrocious “sci-fi” flick...

Jan 17, 2019

This week Ross & Matty jump to 1984 for a corn-filled classic horror tale from their boy Stevey Ting.
This is a story following Burt Silver and his gf Vicky as they enter a creepy town, where ugly corn children do everything they can, with corn in hand, to appease the evil-storm-Graboi-CGI-Corn monster

The danged ol'...